Clinical Director

Neil Sommer, MS, LMFT

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Neil is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has more than 34 years of experience working within the addiction recovery field. Having developed a ‘beyond textbook’ understanding of human behavior and a drive to help where he his is able, Neil has established several successful treatment programs in Orange County; most notably through his organization Associates in Counseling and Mediation (ACM). ACM is a Department of Health Care Services (State DHCS) certified treatment program (300213CP), which he founded in 1997.

Most recently Neil has found success with a revolutionary outpatient treatment program, commonly known as the MOST Program (Monitored Outpatient Sobriety Treatment). Utilizing his brand of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and substance detection technology, Neil has developed the program’s clinical curriculum and procedures which have provingly helped countless clients achieve and voluntarily maintain sobriety.

“Neil, I know I’ve completed my court ordered treatment, and I don’t have much money, but is there an arrangement we could make which allows me to continue attending your weekly sessions?” -Ed, K

The answer was yes. Neil is constantly striving to help the community, to improve interpersonal dynamics and build, in his clients, the skills needed to thrive in today’s society. Neil has developed several treatment programs; written approved, 52 week, clinical curriculums; and still finds time to improve the lives of his numerous individual/ family clients.

“Among my favorite feelings is when I get first time clients [individual/couple] who don’t return for a second session and then, within weeks, or sometimes days I get a call or email from that vary client thanking me for the impact I made on his life. Heh, I gotta say, that kind of thing really does make me feel like an all-star.” -Neil Sommer

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